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Navrathri or Dasara is celebrated for 9 nights followed by vijayadasami, when the preschoolers get initiated into academics with the blessings of Goddess Saraswati. Nava means nine and rathri means night.The festival is celebrated for nine days following the new moon day of the month of Purattasi (September – October). Usually dolls of deities are arranged in make-shift fixtures which resembles steps. The number of steps will be in odd numbers. People make traditional snack called sundal with one of the nava daniyams like Karamani, Kabuli channa, Kondakadalai, Green Payaru, Mochakotta, with a sweet to God offered as prasadam to guests who come home to see the dolls, known as Golu. The Golu arrangement is a sheer exercise of creativity which reminds us of the age old folk lore and puranas. In modern context it gives an opportunity for people to mingle with one another and relish the refreshments served. The guests invited are offered betal leaves (thambulam) which is mutually reciprocated during the visits of friends and relatives. On an auspicious note, exchange of thambulam spells harmony and good will for hindu families.

A snap of Thambulam offered to guests is as above.

Blackgram dhal (Black Kondakadalai)
Soak kondakadalai overnight. Next day pressure cook it with enough water and a little salt and allow 3 whistles. After it is cooled, drain the excess water. Place a kadai over heat, add little oil and add hing, mustard, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, dry mango powder, corriander powder and jeera powder. Saute and then add the cooked kondakadalai, a pinch of salt and curry leaves. Saute it for a minute or two. Add fresh corriander leaves and serve. Add the above ingredients according to the preference of your taste buds.

Carrot Halwa
Grate the carrot. Grind 3pods of cardamom with 1tsp of sugar after removing the outer skin of cardamom. Heat the kadai and add 2tsp of ghee, when hot add split cashews and then raisins. Keep them aside. Add 2tsp of ghee and add the grated carrots. Saute for few minutes. Then add milk, the carrots must be soaked in milk. Allow it to boil. Once it becomes a solid mass add the sugar and mix well, till the mixture leaves the sides. You can add 2-3tsp of ghee if needed. Remove from fire, add cardamom powder and then the fried cashews and raisins. Sugar can be added according to taste.

This is my submission for RCI Tamil Festival hosted by Viji of vcuisine and also for Jihva special edition 2007 hosted by Keep Trying - Past, Present and Me


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