Friday, October 24, 2008

Wheat Halwa


Samba Wheat - 1cup
Sugar - 2.1/4cup
Cardamom - 3nos
Saffron - little
Milk - 1tsp
Cashew - 15nos
Badam - 6-8nos
Ghee - 1cup
Kesar color - little

1. Soak samba wheat (i used the broken wheat) overnight.
2. Next day grind with little water and extract the milk. Do it 2-3times, depending on the milk consistency. Allow it to set for 15-20min. Remove the water.
3. Chop cashew and badam into small pieces. Remove the cover of the cardamon and powder it.
4. Heat the kadai and add sugar and little water. Make a thin syrup and add the wheat milk. Mix thoroughly. Add kesar color. Add hot water now and then. You can see a glass like consistency. Add ghee and mix nicely. Later add cardamom, cashew and badam. Mix nicely add ghee now and then. Grease a plate. when the mixture leaves the sides, pour it over the plate. Slice it into diamonds and serve.

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dhanam said...

dear radha

u r halwa looks gret gonna wan to try how much time should i put the ingredienmts in kadai to get the halwa please write