Thursday, October 30, 2008

Deepavali Legiyam

Legiyam is good for digestion. Since we eat a lot of sweets and savouries on the diwali we start the day by eating the legiyam first.

Pepper - 2tsp
Cumin seeds - 2tsp
Dry ginger - 2 small pieces
Cardamom - 4nos
Omam(ajwain) - 4-5tsp
Jaggery - 2cup
Honey - 3tsp
Ghee - 1/4cup
Corriander seeds - 2tsp

1. Soak all the ingredients except honey, jaggery and ghee for 4hours.
2. Grind it nicely with water and disolve it in 3/4cup of water.
3. Heat a kadai and pour the mixture and start to stir, once it becomes little thick add jaggery and stir. Add ghee now and then. Once it comes to halwa stage, pour honey and remove. Let is cool and store it in a airtight container.

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