Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Iddli-Dosa Milakai Podi


Whole Urad dhal - 2cups
Bengalgram dhal - 1cup
Hing - little
Dry red chilli - 2 cups
Curry leaves - 1 cup
Black sesame seeds (yellu) - 3tsp
salt - to taste (2-2.21/2 tsp approx.)
oil - little

1. Dry roast sesame seeds. Keep aside.
2. Add 1tsp oil to a heated kadai and then add hing, urad dhal and bengalgram dhal. Roast them till golden brown. Set the ingredients aside.
3. Again add 1tsp oil to the heated kadai and put dry red chilli and curry leaves, fry till you hear the sound of dry leaves. Set aside
4. After all the ingredients have cooled, put the red chilli mixture, add salt and grind it. Then add dhal mixture in the blender and grind it coarsely. Then add sesame and grind.
5. Store this powder in a airtight container.

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