Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kancheepuram Idli

If you are bored eating the regular idlies, for a change you can try this. It is easy to make too.

Idli rawa - 2cup
Urad dhal - 1cup
Pepper - 2tsp
Jeera - 3tsp
Mustard - 2tsp
Hing - little
Curry leaves - few leaves
Cashews - 12nos
Curd - 1/2cup
Salt- little
Oil - little
Ghee - 2tsp

1. Add 1/2 cup water to idli rawa and set it aside. Soak urad dhall for 2hrs. Then grind it with little water. Remove when it is coarse. Mix it with iddli rawa adding salt and curd. Allow it to ferment for 7-8hrs.
2. Heat kadai, add 4-5tsp oil (gingely oil preferred), when hot add hing, mustard, powdered pepper and jeera, curry leaves and pour it into the batter. Then add 2tsp ghee and fry cashews and pour it to batter. Add water, if the batter is very thick.

3. Take a round vessel, spread ghee or oil and then add the batter. Pressure cook it for 15-18min. Once done remove, cool a bit and cut it into different shapes and serve with green chutney or iddli-podi with gingely oil.

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