Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vegetable Mee (noodles)

Mee (noodles) available in market - little
Onion - 1no
Red chilli - 2nos
Ginger - little
Garlic - 1pod
Vinegar - 1tsp
Soya Sauce - 1tsp
Greens - 1cup
Cabbage - 1/2cup
Beans and carrot - 1/4cup
Olive oil - 3tsp
Salt - to taste

1. Wash the mee thoroughly in running water.
2. Cut onions, greens and vegetables into small.
3. In a blender, grind ginger, garlic, redchilli into a paste.
4. In a heated kadai, add olive oil and then onions and the paste. Saute well. Then add the greens, cabbage and vegetables. Cover it and saute now and then till it is cooked. Add salt during this time.
5. Then add the soya sauce and vinegar. Mix well.
6. Add the mee and toss till everything gets mixed well. Serve hot with tomato sauce.

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